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Queen⚣Screen compiles & alphabetizes
streaming videos from (among others):

The Gay Man’s Guide to Streaming
FREE & LEGAL* Films & TV Shows

♛ Sources are among the most trustworthy video streaming services on the Web,” including 17 Online Services That Offer Free Movies, as well as video hosting services specifically sanctioned by WordPress. Many have periodic (and very repetitive) commercials, similar to broadcast tv.
♛ Most of the films indexed here have prominent lgbt characters (mostly gay men) and storylines, or are of cultural significance (e.g., award winners, pop culture cornerstones, or based on literary classics). Others are just escapist diversions, often with nude actors and related [pix].

& Geographic Restrictions

Some of the indexed streaming services provide free access only to users in the United States. VPNs provide a way around geographic barriers, so you might want to investigate them. (For example, here’s a 2016 article from PC Advisor targeting UK residents, but others also might find it useful.)

⚠ RISKY BUSINESS ⚠ : File Sharing
NOT INCLUDED are streaming movies & tv shows from file-sharing indexes or search-engine sites (⚠, etc.). Though the indexes themselves seem to be safe, the video files they link to typically are on hosting servers that use random, potentially malware-ridden pop-up ads (See the note about AdBlock, below).
♛ It seems that nearly all the DVD & TiVo recordings ever made have been put online somewhere by someone, even though it is ILLEGAL TO UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD unlicensed media still under copyright. However, according to copyright experts it apparently is legal in most cases to STREAM media as long as you don’t make a copy of it–but note that Queen⚣Screen cannot validate any legal assessments, so you’re on your own should you stream any unlicensed media. And you can bet the likes of Universal and Warner Bros. do not endorse taking a camcorder in whenever something new hits the theaters. Plus …
MOST FILE-SHARING SERVERS HAVE POTENTIALLY MALICIOUS POP-UP ADS, so gaydammit! at least get AdBlock Plus first if you ever decide to risk them!
(Here’s an unaffiliated blog with overviews of a few free streaming sites (both licensed and most likely unlicensed):

SOME OTHER INDEXED MOVIE SOURCES with free & legal*1 content Internet Archive (public domain: features, shorts, documentaries, etc.–recommended by both Digital Trends and Money Talks News as a great source for free & legal movies)
Big Five Glories (public domain)
Classic Cinema Online (public domain)
Crackle (monthly additions and deletions are made without notice)
DailyMotion (like a French YouTube, sanctioned by WordPress)1
FilmOn (Videos time out, but play okay embedded on other sites.)
FilmRise Cinematique (“award winning films from across the globe”)
FilmRise Features (Their general YouTube offerings)
Free Classic Movies (Public domain, courtesy of Jimbo Berkey)
IMDb Freedive (US only–requires free registration)
MovieZoot (Movies & TV shows)OFFLINE
Maverick Movies (Niche: African American & some Latino)
MGM/Free YouTube Movies
National Film Board of Canada (mostly documentaries)
Open Culture (725 movies, plus free online courses in languages, etc.)
PopcornFlix @ Youtube
Shout Factory TV (Films & TV shows)
Top Documentary Films
TubiTV (free registration with email address required for “mature” titles)
Uncle Earl’s Classic Television & Movies (Apparently affiliated with MCTV)
Viewster Comedy / Viewster Drama (Viewster @ DailyMotion)
ViewsterTV (Viewster’s YouTube channel)
Viki (Movies & TV from around the world, mostly Asian)
Viki/United States (mostly older titles/public domain stuff)
Vimeo #gay (hodgepodge of clips, home movies, short subjects, etc.)1
VUDU (Mostly for-pay, but with a selection of “Movies On Us” free-with-ads titles; requires free, email-only sign-up) (documentaries from YouTube, etc.)
Yidio #free (Indexes Crackle, TubiTV, etc.; it has an “lgbt” filter, but with only 3 titles it’s pretty useless, given the hundreds Queen⚣Screen has identified)

1. User-uploads to sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo are reviewed and deleted or blocked if a film’s agents do not agree to their sharing of specific titles. Many user uploads are allowed to remain online indefinitely without comment, while some have been removed or blocked, usually with notes added about the process. Queen⚣Screen does not solicit, has no control over, nor assumes any legal responsibility for the content provided by the “safe” hosting services indexed here. Questions about indexed items should be directed to the providers of the reported content. If, however, any producers prefer availability of their media not be reported here, Queen⚣Screen will gladly and promptly remove specified titles upon notification. NOTIFY US HERE

Articles & Annotations

The sites listed below are free, but many of the VIDEOS THEY HOST LIKELY ARE NOT LICENSED OR OTHERWISE APPROVED by the copyright holders. As stated above, QueenScreen makes no legal assessments or assertions — You’re on your own should you stream ANY media lacking the (tacit or explicit) consent of the copyright holder


VK is the 8th most popular social networking site in the world and it hosts a huge amount of videos, including a bunch of gayinterest groups/lists–despite being under Putin’s homophobic thumb, and also groups dedicated to movies in English. THE GOOD NEWS: The server is identified as “safe” by both McAfee and Norton, with a “high trust rating” from ScamAdviser. However…
Like YouTube, VK is DMCA-compliant with a content removal tool for copyright holders, and you can find many titles that indeed have been removed at a copyright holder’s request. But it seems like film agents don’t check VK as thoroughly/frequently as YouTube, so for this reason QueenScreen only indexes older titles that film producers have permitted VK to keep online two or more years.
A BIT MORE in case you’re still interested…
⚬ Their videos probably won’t play unless Ghostery is paused (possibly AdBlock too)
⚬ In order to view any videos marked “ADULT” by the uploaders you have to sign-in to a free account. To create an account you must give a phone number where they send an authorization code, but no credit card or other information is needed. VK also apparently limits the number of movies unregistered viewers can get to; you can skirt the limit by clearing your browser cookies, but it’s likely easier just to create a free account.
Reports came out the first week in June 2016 that a hacker was trying to sell old user information from VK accounts that had been hacked between 2011-2013. NO RECENT ACCOUNTS WERE HACKED, and VK says all of the information from the old hack had long since been compulsorily changed. In other words, no “real” account information was being traded. Here’s an article about it:
Even though the hack is old news, the article does remind us of a lesson we all should have learned, namely “that users have to create a unique password for every site. This shouldn’t be seen as a fancy, additional security step, but a fundamental one to stop hackers getting into different accounts.”

But including uploads too recent for the QueenScreen Index

Rapture Rider @ DailyMotion
Gay Themed Movies @
Full Movies on YouTube @ (includes licensed & likely unlicensed films)


SITE DATA FOR myvi.ru1 (a Russian YouTube, it complies with the DMCA and is deemed “safe” by McAfee, Norton, and ScamAdviser)
Go to site:
SITE DATA FOR smotri.com1 (Another Russian site complying with the DMCA & deemed “safe” by McAfee, Norton and ScamAdviser)
Go to site:
SITE DATA FOR tudou.com1 (China’s answer to YouTube, deemed “safe” by McAfee & with copyright review policies1 comparable to YouTube’s)
Go to site:


PLEASE NOTE: QueenScreen does not endorse these, we’re just reporting some other sites and playlists with free streaming movies we’ve come across….
CAUTION! The videos on some of these come from apparently
⚠unlicensed file-shares with potentially malicious popup ads embedded in the coding⚠.
So if you do investigate any, be advised that you really should get AdBlock Plus if you don’t already have it.
Asian Gay Movie ( Includes non-Asian films & shorts as well.
These are companion Spanish sites. They seem mostly to include videos from the “safe” VK and MyVi servers. Nearly all non-Spanish movies have (only) Spanish subtitles or are over-dubbed in Spanish. There are country indexes to help sort English-language choices: USA ; Australia ; Canada ; but Ireland & United Kingdom (“Reino Unido”) are listed under “Europeo.”
NOTE: Ciné Gay, a new (March 2016) French YouTube channel, seems unrelated.

Although xVideos mostly hosts pornographic videos, these playlists are for mainstream, gay-interest films, but often with explicit content. Note that the page margins will have links to pornographic videos, so best avoid these if that’s something you can’t cope with…

* “Legal” according to,,, and information provided by licensed movie hosts (Crackle, TubiTV, etc.) – QueenScreen claims no legal expertise and makes no legal assertions of its own.

All links are for personal, noncommercial use only.

No videos are produced, hosted or solicited by Queen⚣Screen, which assumes no responsibility for any content on other websites. Questions and concerns about indexed videos should be directed to the websites where they are located, or to the original producers.
This index lists only videos provided by licensed streaming services and prominent social networking/media hosts classified as “safe” by McAfee, Norton and/or ScamAdvisor, and which comply with DMCA requirements, including removing titles at the discretion of copyright holders. Even so, videos on social-networking sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.) are excluded from the QueenScreen index unless uploaded by the producers or licensed distributors, or unless a specific title has already been permitted to remain online for free streaming for a year or longer without objection from the producers or their agents. If, however, producers/distributors prefer availability of their media not be reported here, upon their notification Queen⚣Screen will promptly remove specified titles from this index. NOTIFY QUEEN⚣SCREEN

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